Little B Freeride went down well last Sunday and a lot of riders thanked me for organising it, as it was some of their first rides back on a wheelieboard since 2013! I made a little edit but it’s clear I needed a new GoPro housing case Lense (I replaced it yesterday). :)

I was also pleased with how my Nompa performed, even if I’m probably ditching the Trampa 17 ply for a Custom Kitemechanics deck soon. I just can’t wait for Ironsides and Bugs to reopen now, so I can get on a track and charge round those berms!

Until then, it’s back to Longboarding tomorrow, freeriding some smooth roads in and around Stroud. Working on my heelside standies and perfecting my coleman technique, whilst trying to grab a tonne of footage for a Cheltenham Longboard Club Edit.

Ina bit!

Crazy Developments

This week is turning out to be better and more crazy than expected. Most notably being asked by Kite Mechanics owner, Billy, to help develop and ride his own Longboard & Kite/Mountainboard creations. Naturally I said yes, an awesome opportunity!

Already Billy is making prototypes, race & freestyle Longboard decks. Billy has a great lay up in mind. I’m mainly helping with the exact specification of the race deck, which I’ll keep secret for now, but I can’t wait to see the ride the finished product. At first I’ll be riding it in Outlaw Longboard races and then maybe taking it to Portugal, at the end of March, for some smooth road downhill! I wish I could take all my boards, but that 20kg hold luggage limit..


Chances are I’ll also be riding a Kite Mechanics deck in UK Mountainboard Boardercross this year too, a similar design but lighter and tougher designed Board to my own Nompa. Carbon fibre bushing seats look slightly better than my Tesco Value Chopping board ones, even if they work exactly the same! The lighter deck should be great for picking the lines and improving my pumping over rollers.


March is going to be a busy boarding month, with a few different Longboard events and lots of Local & Western Algarve, Portugal Mountainboarding! Exciting times, just a short post but lots more to come soon.

Riding with Your iPod

A lot of riders, including myself, listen to music on their iPods whilst Mountainboarding, especially at centres. A feat not seen very often in other board sports. Generally just the one earphone in, so you still hear your Board and the terrain for detecting problems (very important for avoiding accidents).

For me, I only listen to my favourite genre, Minimal Dubstep as it is a steady 140-ish BPM and never bores me, keeps me relaxed and stops me going mad/wasting all my energy within an hour. Beautiful tunes such as this one (tune of 2013 for me):

But before I go all ‘Skrillex is shit’ on you, I noticed most riders generally just put their iPods on shuffle for the day’s riding. A bit strange in my mind, but I guess it requires no user input all day!

From what I gather, from other riders and personal use, the reason for this listening is for motivation, concentration on riding and blocking out the screams of children doing down the hill on a grass sledge… all very good reasons. One example, probably from a Surfing Dirt thread, was Mister Matt Brind, using his iPod for his Freestyle ever since a Russian commentator put him off and caused him to stack.

Although it is still very possible to crash/stack whilst Mountainboarding with music playing, the more relaxed the rider is, the less mistakes they’re likely to make, whether it’s through music or not. Personally I can’t wait for Bugsboarding to reopen, so I can improve my riding whilst listening to music all day and chill in the sun or warm rain..

If you have any thoughts on this subject feel free to fire them at me via a comment, Facebook or Twitter (@daleyg3) and I may include them in a future post.

If you haven’t tried riding with music, I’d recommend at least trying, but it’s not for everyone. Cheers :]