Goodbye Cold UKDH

The last 2 weeks of Mountainboard Nightriding hasn’t actually been that bad weather wise, last night was one run of Mill Lane on Cleeve Hill. A reasonably fast run, a bit slippy in places but nothing releasing the brake handle for a few seconds couldn’t handle. Despite a puncture on my front left Striker 9, a great run to end on. I honestly believe Nightriding is the best way to improve Mountainboard downhill and I just can’t wait to ride new gnarly places later this year!

The boards actually came out a bit cleaner at the bottom with the last week being reasonably dry and a trip the the Pub straight after, sorted out that latic knee acid..


I’m flying out to Portugal on Wednesday morning and can’t wait to get away from computers, but most of all, ride new terrain! Sadly, my Kite Mechanics decks are having problems with the mold so they won’t be ready in time, but Billy is on the case. I should be riding and reviewing them within the next 3 weeks. The tip angle on the NoSno trucks deck is now going to be 30 degrees, meaning in theory it should still be very quick in a straight line and a good turning circle.

On the Longboard side of things, I recently attended a Freeride/Slide at Roundway near Devizes (Near Swindon) with Cheltenham Longboard Club. A good turnout and the sun came out for us turned into a 4-5 hour shred with thane put down absolutely everywhere. Vault Fibreflex got mashed up, before I killed them off, I thought I’d save them for a few runs near my Villa in Portugal:


Here’s my Mini GoPro edit, I’m gettting lazy with them these days…

Hopefully I’ll return from Portugal in April with a nice little sunny edit to make you all jealous. :)


Gnarly Future

The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy but fun. The Cheltenham Longboard Club Stroud explore was amazing, some incredible spots found, thane put down and captured on my GoPro (with new lense)!

On the Mountainboard side of things, Kite Mechanics Boss man Billy is now building my Carbon/kevlar deck for NoSno trucks and my Rome Shift Snowboard Bindings and I hope to have it next week! Pretty sure it’ll be the sexiest board in the world and I won’t let it out of my sight. I can’t wait to ride it, having NoSno stability and grip grouped with lightness (5kg complete) and Snowboard control will make it probably the most chuckable and indestructable Mountainboard in the world. That’s not just me speaking out my arse. :) Hopefully I’ll be taking it to Portugal with me for 8 days and be able to make a lovely edit. Other projects are on Billy’s mind but are on the backburner for now, but I can’t wait to get testing revolutionary new gear.

As for the ATBA UK Competition side of things, with Mid May Round 1 at Hales Superbole fast approaching, myself and workmates have decided to really push on with getting a very user friendly, downhill discipline timing system running. The old kit just wasn’t up to the job for ease of use and useful features. The plan is to use the Photocells/Infrared Gates we have and link them to a Raspberry Pi via a DB9 Serial. We will then make our own easy to use timing software, that exports to spreadsheet and maybe even a live website for people to view times, of each rider’s runs. This method is being done due to most timing system kits nowadays being in excess of £4,000. This System could be between £400-800! An exciting project that is sure to help the scene grow as a whole. The plan is to have this system up and running by May with the possibility of being able to replicate systems to sell to other Mountainboard centres for permanent use, instead of just for competitons. pi

With this and everything else going on at the moment I couldn’t be happier! Exciting times ahead with 3 Longboard races before Round 1 of the Mountainboard series and of course, sunny Western Algarve in Portugal with a skater mate from 26th March.