Practice, Portugal & Poles.

Ello all,

It’s been a while, in short, because of Portugal, a LOT of freeriding and skating so much, my knees hurt.

My Portugal Holiday was pretty amazing, smooth and long Mountain roads to Longboard down and I found a dis-used Quad bike track which was Mountainboard heaven! The weather was only 16 degrees and rainy at points, but the humidity was kind and dried it all out very quickly. I spent most of my first weekend there on a quiet industrial estate, layin’ down some ‘thane.. took about 5mm off my Vault Fibreflex’s and flatspotted one (such a fun wheel).


As for the Quad bike track near this industrial estate (near Aljezur) it was loose ground, dry and rocky with a couple of nice fast drops. The Nompa felt right at home here. :)


I honestly believe there’s a tonne of Mountainboardable gems in Portugal, especially in the Western Algarve.. I’ll be sure to go back next year and explore more!

On one of the last couple of days in Portugal I finally got the chance to skate one of the Mountain roads, with my mate following me down. A massive coast wind meant I only got max of 30mph but the view was stunning, hence not much tucking:

It was fair to say once I got back to the UK, not having these spots was a tad depressing, but now I can’t wait for the Whinlatter forest Freeride weekend with Team DAD in July and Serbia for the World Boardercross Championships end of August!

A week after getting back and realizing I had more money than I thought (cheap holiday all in all) I invested in a new Longboard deck that I’ve wanted for a long time, a truely unique downhill deck, the ‘Widowmaker’ by Five Mile. The world’s first double dropped platform with a huge W concave, worth every cent of the 200 euros:


Coupled with my Ronin cast trucks and the new and amazing Cult Creators 83a, every session is a lot of fun! Within 2 days of having this setup, me and some of the Cheltenham Longboard Club went up to Worcester & Malvern for a day of Gnar, most of which, on the ‘impossible’ road that requires precision heelside colemans and toeside predrifts to get down! Ry S absolutely killed it..

This pretty much covers everything, of any wheelieboarders interest, in the last month or so.. but the title also mentions a pole. A funny story to end on, last Friday whilst Mountainboarding down Garway Hill in Herefordshire I was coming to an end of a run at about 10mph, only to go round a mellow corner, see a telegraph pole and wrap myself around it.. no injuries except a bruised hip but I suppose you had to be there, hopefully no telegraph poles at this year’s UK comps. ;)

Back soooon!