Go F*ckin’ Fast Downhill.

The last 4 weeks or so have been fucking insane, with events such as Whinlatter Freeride Weekend and Lee Mill Slide Jam 3 in Ivybridge.

Unfortunately the heavy rain and storms in Gloucestershire cancelled/postponed my local Mountainboard Centre’s ATBA UK Comp (Bugsboarding). The track is clay based and just zero roll speed in that.. not to mention it’s one of the slower boardercross tracks, in the UK.

Looking ahead, I wasn’t too fussed because there’s another Downhill event at the legendary Lil B spot at Badbury Clumps, near Swindon, this Saturday! Not to mention, probably an explore/freeride on Sunday around the same area. I held a Freeride at Lil B, back in wet Winter months of this year, so I’m hoping that helps myself as well as other attendees, on an inevitably dryer, faster track. I’ve got my 8 inch wheels setup on my Kite Mechanics setup now. I’ve got the bushes just right, through a couple of Team DAD Cleeve hill evening sessions, in which, I did a lot of playing and adjusting.

KM Board & Rhys on a squatie slide!.jpgAs for the recent events, Whinlatter Freeride Weekend in Cumbria (Lake District) with Team DAD and others was by far the most enjoyable bit of Mountainboarding I’ve ever done. With runs lasting 2-5 minutes, I think 10 riders total and amazing weather. Not to mention going faster than I’ve ever been before, for longer! I did a follow run of this new, undiscovered run, following fellow Team DAD rider Clayton Coleman on his NoSno. I wore my Garmin GPS watch during the run to get the stats. Averaging bloody 21mph for over 2 minutes was a huge rush! This is what brakeboards are for.. feathering and being in control at speeds like this, even with lots of other riders around you:

Hopefully a full edit coming of this weekend soon, using both myself and Rhys’ GoPro HD Hero 2 Footage. Extremely keen to go back again. That one run really reinforced my love for Mountainboarding and it has got to be done again! Got a lovely group photo, that’s definitely going on the wall:

whinlattergroup.jpegThe following weekend I went down to Ivybridge near Plymouth on Sunday morning, for a Slide Jam at Lee Mill. A renowned industrial estate with long steep roads, that have next to no grip. We had a lovely day for it and a decent turnout! I was back on my Cult Chronicles, trying longer standies but I was honestly still tired from Whinlatter! If you bombed it you’d hit 30mph, fast but not crazy. A few top UK Riders attended including Bodhi Keen & Harrison Satchell.

topofleemill.jpgDespite being a great event, I didn’t bother getting any footage of this event, but others did, so when that’s released, I will try and remember to publish it in my next post.

Lots of other little events incoming, so very looking foward to August, not to mention flying to Serbia on 31st August for the World Mountainboard Boardercross Championships!

And now for something completely fuckin’ different, some of you know I’m very into my Minimal Dubstep. ‘Skream’ is one of the originators of the sound and an idol of mine. He along with a few others took it from nothing to being arguably the hottest genre in 2011/2012. He no longer produces Dubstep, only Hard House, but this is his amazing story, put into a stunning 11 minute documentary.