We’re off to FU*KING Serbia!

With my plane to Serbia, with fellow UK Mountainboarder Connor Smout (UK Seniors Downhill Champ 2014!), only 8 days away now, I’m getting extremely stoked! But also a bit terrified/excited, but it’ll be an amazing experience none the less. The track is 2km in length and from what I’ve heard from other UK Riders, that went in 2013, you average about 20mph and drift round most corners! I’ve been watching tonnes of raw runs of the track and the official 2013 video a LOT of times, in an attempt to learn its features:

I arrive on the 31st August and leaving after the comp on the 9th September, plenty of time to get the practice in and get to know the riders. UK Pro’s Beiran, Tommy D, Brindy and James W are all going this year, it could well be a UK Final lockout. ;)

Round 6 of the ATBA UK series also went down last weekend, for me, it was a weekend to forget, due to my NoSno brake losing hydraulic fluid and becoming (what I thought was) unusable. Which forced me to compete on 8’s no brake, which I never use for Downhill, always brake & Striker 9’s for those Team DAD Nightride Downhills!

Despite this, I did have some fun nightriding on the Ironsides Black Track (definitely my favourite track in the UK) the Friday before the comp. It was wet down and slugs fucking everywhere! I also got this awesome light trail picture, taken by Connor Smout:

wpid-img_7971388650859.jpegFor now, it’s back to resting, my knee has healed a lot recently and hoping it’s back to 100% for Serbia so that I can push myself! If you read my blog, outside the UK, and see me in Serbia let me know! See you all over there! Peace!


Nearing the End

With competition season over halfway through now, I’ve had time for a lot of thinking, partly because I keep damaging my knees and have to rest to heal. This year has been a weird one for me, it’s made me make decisions as to what I want next year already.

In short, in 2015 I’ll only be entering and practicing the Downhill discipline in Mountainboarding, to make more time for Longboarding events. I’ve missed countless events this year in the UK and abroad, more than that, I want to go to countries I’ve never been to before. Don’t get me wrong though I love Mountainboarding, I just generally have more fun when Longboarding, even though I’ve only done it for half the amount of time. There are also loads more events in the European Longboard calender! All being well, I’ll have my first taste of this in October, when I want to head to Switzerland for the Wolzenbolzen Freeride. 5.5km downhill, tonnes of corners and a chair lift back to the top!

So far I’ve been far less injury prone whilst Longboarding, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, mainly down to who I ride with and how often I practice. Doing this should also allow myself and Billy at Kite Mechanics to develop a Longboard to go to market, plenty of ideas in the back of my mind. The feedback on the V1 Prototype has been very positive also and I still use it for slower slide hill jams.

wpid-20140515_131416.jpgBilly’s still working on some insane new Mountainboard parts too, so keep your eyes peeled for that too, it’s hush hush at the moment. But they’ll help my Winter Nightriding with Team DAD for sure. ;)

Apologies for not such an interesting post this time around, to go out on, here’s my mini edit of Little B Round 5 Downhill that went down on Saturday 26th July, a fun event but again I let myself down making a silly mistake and highsiding onto my knees.