Fuckin’ Good Fun

Last Friday Night until late Sunday was intense, with a Nightride on a new Leckhampton route and the trip to Exeter, for Longboarding, as I mentioned in my previous post.

Billy at Kite Mechanics has also been working hard on his new Mountainboard Composite Truck design and from what I’m hearing, it’s incredible! Robust, turn hard, stable and use standard Longboard bushings for lots of choice!

wpid-img_20390550594428.jpegAs for last friday, myself, Clayt & Mark hit up a local spot, Leckhampton, to nightride a new bit of Gnar! After riding half of a run named ‘Gnarly Bottom’ we took a different, longer, super steep last half of the route, technical to say the least! The front wheels on all our boards kept losing grip and causing huge unintended backside drifts.. but good fun none the less, a run to hit again very soon!

wpid-20141128_195325.jpgOn Saturday, myself and fellow CLC’er Gerogia, went to skate with Ry for the weekend, down at Exeter Uni and the surrounding area. Honestly one of the best weekends of UK skating I’ve ever done, such a massive variety of spots! First off we drove to Plymouth to attend a Slide Jam at Lee Mill, always good fun, despite some patchy spots. Helena B taught Georgia the best coleman technique, whilst Ry & myself did mainly standup slides on Slide Perfect wheels and some lovely Prototypes!

wpid-20141129_140823.jpgAfter Plymouth we hit up some 16% wet DH goodness near Okehampton, mainly sessioning a big left hander, nearly killing my car’s clutch in the process! Ry was killing it with some tiny squaties and tight lines and I was happy to just not fall once! It was soon dark, so we headed back to Exeter for yet more skating, within walking/skating distance. We hit up a fun pathway nicknamed ‘Lemon’ a tight but slow path with patchy wet making it a bit more tricky!

Didn’t want to leave that spot but after that, we headed to a 9 level multi storey car park, which was definitely the fastest multi storey I’ve ever skated! After about 4 levels down, you just had to sit down heelside and hope you gripped, carrying just over 20mph all the time! A great place for Georgia too, to build up confidence of skating fast, as you could take the faster inside line or slightly longer, slower outside ramp. Ry got so close he overtook one run, and we had a fun little bail on the third level which had a wet patch on the ramp.. enough to cause chaos, but always amazing fun:

After that, we were done and finished the night in the biggest Weatherspoons Pub in the UK. Sunday was all about hitting one hill in particular near Sidmouth.. one Ry had got 50mph on a few weeks previous! Bodhi and Hubert joined us and took it in turns to do follow runs in the cars. My knees only allowed for one fast run, but I still held back a bit as I didn’t know the hill that well. Despite this, I was very happy with going just over 40mph, my fastest ever. Here’s the Raw Run follow car video:

4 minute run and I was shaking at the end, but what a rush! Gotta hit it again, being back in Cheltenham makes everything seem boring compared to that now. Kind of made me think about moving house/flat too.. but we’ll see! Now we wait for WMSB New Years Skate Bash, on the first weekend of January most likely.