Boarding and Wellbeing

As a bit of a change to the norm, I thought I’d talk about how both Mountainboarding and Longboarding have changed my life, for the better.

I’m not very good at explaining this, but bear with me. I started Mountainboarding nearly 3 years ago now, when I was 18. Before that I had no real passion for anything, but was ok at running long distance, but picked up a knee injury I still carry with me today, called ‘Anterior Knee Pain’ when I was out attempting to run 5 miles in under 34 minutes (1 minute faster than I’d ever done before). Totally my fault, but some people aren’t built to run fast for long periods of time.

A LOT of people also tell me I’m a quiet person, this is partly down to not having, what I consider, a good friend, for my last 2-3 years of education. But also because I was never forced to be especially social, didn’t go to University and my IT Support job is quiet, independant work, most of the time. But I like to think I’ve become more social since becoming a part of both the UK Mountainboard and Longboard scene.

When I finished Sixth Form College at age 18 and was looking for my IT Apprenticeship, that was when I really fell in love with Mountainboarding solo, up my local Cleeve Hill, as I had a lot of spare time to kill and next to no disposable income. Each ride I’d try and find something new to ride but also try and learn something new as I went along, such as slides. With no one to ride with, progress was slow but I enjoyed it none the less! After about a year of this, I got to know the Mountainboard community through ATBA UK comps and social media, which has led to me making some awesome friends and improving my riding in the 2 years or so since.

For me, Longboarding was the next natural progression of sport, lots of Mountainboarders also Longboard, as they have some similarities and you can ride a Longboard every fucking day if you want to, whether it’s commuting, sliding or proper downhill. In my mind at first was if I learn to go fast on a Longboard, the speeds of Mountainboarding will seem much less daunting. This has definitely worked but it’s not why I Longboard anymore.

I love Longboarding because it’s an extremely technical sport that you can constantly improve at, no matter what discipline. My favourite discipline is obviously Downhill as I love the rush of going fast and sliding round corners. Trying to constantly improve at something is a healthy way to live in my opinion. It’s always part of the reason I want to get on a board of sorts everyday, without fail. I encourage people to do the same, rain or shine as you will find yourself getting a little better almost everyday and just generally more happy.

In the recent 15 minute short film release of Longboard Girls Crew Israel OPEN, one of the riders sums up the feeling of Downhill perfectly “When it’s just you, your board and the hill, nothing else matters”. Give it a watch, it’s stunning and I can’t wait to see the full film release!

OPEN – lgc skates Israel – short video from Longboard Girls Crew on Vimeo.

Apologies if this post is a bit all over the place, but I fancied a change and to express my passion for both my sports in a bit more detail.



1 thought on “Boarding and Wellbeing

  1. Nice one man, very open and it’s refreshing to read, I look forward to getting back and going for a ride, longboard as well!

    Cheers B

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