A fun UKDH Fumble

Last saturday, 31st Jan 2015, was ‘Fumble In the Valley’ Longboard Outlaw. An event organised by Tom Campbell, who did an amazing job getting sponsors and most importantly, lots of riders, including myself, to attend.

‘Sheepy’ the hill used for the Outlaw is a stunning location, a reasonably technical road that provides a lot of grip, even in horrific rain, sleet and snowy conditions.

wpid-fb_img_1422827651154.jpgI quickly fell in love with the track and was very excited to race in my first ever Outlaw, my only other racing having been at Hog Hill in previous years. I quickly chose to use my Rayne Vandal setup with 45/40 Sabre’s and my Sector9 Raceforms 70mm 78a with rain grooves, to avoid aquaplaning and have extra grip. Joe Baldwin along with lots of other helpers and photographers made sure the day ran smoothly too. Though the racing was originally going to be 1v1, we had 24 riders, so decided on 4 man heats due to time limit.

wpid-fb_img_1422958679450.jpgI made it through the first knockout, coming 2nd of 4 with goofster Oscar Taylor infront who was charging with his hard tuck into the biggest right hander on the track. Here’s the race:

wpid-fb_img_1422958683491.jpgThe usual suspects got through in most rounds, but with one or two surprises! The changing weather conditions made sliding a tad unpredictable, causing a few riders, including myself to grip up too early and get thrown!

wpid-fb_img_1422958673493.jpgBy the time of the second round, it was sleeting and hailing down heavy! Causing myself to bail infront of Sion after getting cosy with Kami into the first corner. Hilarious race to the finish was had to get 3rd:

Overall I placed about 9th of 24, better than I’d expected but that wasn’t important, everyone had fun and everyone was safe!

wpid-fb_img_1422958651105.jpgThe final consisted of Joe Baldwin, Ras, Kami & Josh Monk! UKDH legends, showing everyone how it’s done with tiny drifts and gripping in places I didn’t think was possible. Joe took the win, with Josh Monk second and Kami a very close third.

wpid-fb_img_1422979193789.jpgWe headed back to a lovely pub called ‘The Elan Hotel’ in Rhayader nearby for pints, food and prize giving! Dead quiet pub at 4 in the afternoon on a Saturday, couldn’t believe it when 30 odd of us turned up and were very accommodating, gave us snacks and meals and lots of seats! A great atmosphere to end the day on, before the long drive back home.

Stunning photo credits to Ruben & Connor and I can’t wait to see Will Edgecombe’s photos and the Official Thrill Longboard Magazine video, coming out soon!