Downhill Enjoyment & Experiences

Once again its been a busy month or so of riding, with comp season now not very far away! Since my last post about events, I’ve entered/decided I’m going to ‘Return of: Fumble in the Valley’, the fantastic free freeride/race at Welsh spot, Sheepy, on 11th April. Here’s the amazing footage from the last one, my races are at 3:35 & 6:44:

This is the first time I’ve watched myself racing and it was great to see what was going on behind, but it also lets me know what needs improvement! I struggled to get much speed out of the big right toeside corner, partly down to a very grippy surface and 78a rain wheels, but mostly because I was sliding too long and therefore killing a bit too much speed. Once I can toeside for a smaller amount of time, I think I’ll be much more confident for toeside hairpins. I also noticed how upright my style is coming out of both hands down slides, doesn’t affect my cornering, but it does make balancing on corners I need to be railing, more difficult than they are.

I’m also off to a totally new Outlaw event ‘Bolsterstone Outlaw’, in the beautiful peak district on 25th April, organised by UKDH legend & Lush Longboards rider, Josh Monk. This Outlaw promises to be one of the fastest bits of racing in the UK, with speeds in excess of 40mph, due to perfect surface and no need to slide the corners. All being well, this will be the first bit of ‘dry’ UK racing of the year! Here’s a video of Josh taking a gnarly fast, slidey run down it last summer:

Stone Raw from Josh Monk on Vimeo.

I’ve also booked to go Longboard in Belgrade, Serbia for 4 days in June, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, since skating there for 1 day last September with their big rad crew! I feel some topless DH skating incoming aha.

On the mountainboard side of things, Team DAD have been very active recently and we’ve actually hit some other spots, other than Launchpad in FoD! Shock horror!

wpid-fb_img_1425308707000.jpgLast Friday night, myself, Lexa, Rhys, Mark & Clayton went to Hailes Wood near Winchcombe to test out a new run, a lovely long rocky firetrack, though admittedly we almost got lost in the woods next to it looking for other runs!

The weekend before, we met up with Mountainboard legend Roger Swannell to nightride Launchpad on Friday 20th, followed by our first bit of daytime riding in a while, on Sunday 22nd in Brechfa, Wales. The criminally early start and 2 and a half hour drive almost killed me & Lexa, but it was worth it, stunning long firetracks with lots of corners and good speed, even when it was raining pretty much constant. Clips and the write up are up on the Team DAD Facebook page:


An epic weekend with lots more to come soon!

Really enjoying my riding at the moment and now I just can’t wait to get stuck into more events!

Until next time, cheers.