A Downhill Introvert?

I’ve decided to stop writing blog posts about EVERY single event I attend, partly due to spare time, partly because I only enjoy writing when it’s about something new or technical.

As for the title of this blog post, I recently started a new job (due to redundancy in my last one) and was told I’m very ‘Introverted’, after my first week. A term I’ve never come across before, but after looking it up, it sort of explains my ‘quiet’ personality.

From what I hear, most workplaces nowadays are very Extrovert and so are most people. This means they talk a lot, feed off the energy of others, bounce lots of ideas around and only actually work 70-80% of the time, a concept very alien to me.

I’ve been told being Introvert isn’t a problem, which is good, because I don’t think I’ll ever be/want to be Extrovert…

In actual fact though, I’m only quiet if someone is talking about something irrelevant or uninteresting. I don’t mind talking about work, but on the opposite end of the scale, I’ll talk for hours, in detail, if you talk about skating or Mountainboarding, my passions.

I’ve got a good understanding now, as to why a lot of people are Extroverts, but other board riders that live the lifestyle on the weekend will understand that ‘Normal’ life for normal people is boring as shit. I live for the next adrenaline rush on a hill and not much else, a concept hard to grasp for some..

A bit of a rant incoming, but if you’re talking about some bullshit and think I’m rude for not getting involved in the conversation or ask ‘Are you ok?’ all the fuckin’ time, just because I’m being quiet, we can’t be friends. Simple as that. :]

Aside from all that, I’ve been to a tonne of slide sessions recently on the Longboard & Team DAD Mountainboard Nightrides, I went to 2 Outlaw Longboard races & Mountainboarding in Slovenia for 4 days!




We also found a new techy DH Longboard spot in Stroud, so pretty local!

2 Days ago was the first round of the ATBA UK Mountainboard series at Hereford Board & Bike Park (formerly Ironsides), a centre that’s been beautifully remodelled by PhilD2H, Amy & Tommy D, amongst others.

I just went for the Boardercross, as the riding at Launchpad over Winter has made me more confident on rollers and berms. I have a practice follow run the weekend before (filmed by Team BAD rider, George Pollard):

As for the actual comp, I obviously haven’t quite gained as much ground as I thought, though I was a lot closer to riders that used to completely leave me for dead down a track. I finished 16th of 18th. Making it through one 3 man knockout to get out of the bottom 2, followed by a close 2nd knockout with Will Wright and Tim Edwards, but coming 4th in a close finish with a lot of argey bargey and arms flailing. Should be some funny photos coming soon.. unfortunately no GoPro Footage.

At the moment I’m unsure if I’ll continue with Boardercross comps for the rest of the season, but will continue to practice on tracks with 8 inch tyres, as I enjoy it more now than I have in previous years. See what happens.

Sunday I made plans to kill two birds with one stone, driving to Tom Campbell’s house to meet some of the London/South East UKDH Longboard crew (Alex, Connor, Sion & Cam), on the saturday evening, before skating in Wales on the Sunday. We hit up ‘Junglewank’ & ‘Pony’, both fun spots that require two different styles of riding. A wicked day of riding and some definite improvement with both heel & toeside hands down checks. Junglewank has to be a top spot in the UK to improve race style Longboarding!

I put together some clips of everyone, can’t wait for the next Welsh trip!

Until next time, cheers.