Don’t always seek Change

The last two months have actually been far less busy on the boarding side of things, mainly down to having to work in York temporarily. Now that I’m back in Cheltenham, I really do appreciate the local hills I have, for Mountainboarding and Longboarding.

York has to be the flattest fucking place in the UK and I won’t even start on how dull most people living there actually were, bar one or two. I honestly don’t know how some people can have no hobbies outside of work beside going to the pub, if I was like that, I’d have gone insane by now. Thinking about it, I’d have never met the amazing people I have in the last 3 years, probably be very unfit.. :]

One positive I took from the drives back from York to Cheltenham, was being able to split up my drive by going for a skate with the Nottingham/Derby crew, at great spots such as ‘Boneyard’ in Belper and ‘GK’ in Matson (two of my favourite UKDH spots). These two spots, especially GK, push you to go faster, do smaller checks/scrubs and having rad shredders from the area go fast and be able to handle themselves, really gave me that mental security to try and push myself whilst I was there and make the most of it.


On the Mountainboarding side of things, myself and Connor Smout made the mission of a drive to Perth in Scotland, for ATBA UK Round 2 Downhill, a few weeks back. Connor was killing it from the off, now in the Pro’s, setting the fastest first run time but was pipped to the post on the last run of the day and went from 2nd to 4th! For myself in the Seniors, despite the small numbers, I was chuffed, coming 2nd and being 12 seconds quicker than the 2014 comp on the same track! My times improved all day, except the last run which was 1 second slower.

Here’s my fastest run, 1:18.02 (6th run of that day):

From the picture, you might be able to grasp I was happy with 2nd place.. my first ever DH podium! I was only 1.6 behind 1st place Morgan Price with 2 runs to go, but then he put in an impressive 1:14, maybe next year will be closer!


I also went to Serbia for some Longboarding the week after Perth, but I’ll post more on that when I’ve gone through the mountain of GoPro footage..


As for the title of this blog post, I can’t remember the exact quote I heard recently, but it was something like ‘Appreciate when things are good and don’t focus on temporary troubles’. I don’t like gloating or talking about how things are outside of boarding the majority of the time, but things at the moment are pretty perfect, work is good, no injuries, enough money to book big holidays (Queenstown in New Zealand in October!) and I’m seeing a lot of improvement in my favourite sports, especially Longboarding of recent.

It’s kind of in my nature to seek change but I really wouldn’t change much at the moment and hope nothing big really does change. My mind keeps telling me to try and find something new to do as well, but really, I could do with the occasional free weekend to rest and save money, so that I’m 100% ready for any weekends of pure intense boarding, competition or freeride wise.

Stay healthy, shred hard.

Until next time, cheers!