Decisions, Racing and Anxiety

A lot has changed lately, I’m finally back in Cheltenham for my new job (working much harder than before), I’ve made quite a few decisions about where to go and what to do next year, but not without growing anxiety for certain things..

Next month I’ve decided to invest in some BTR Leathers, something I’ve had my eye on for a while, but needed a bit of job security and spare money to invest in. This is mainly because I want to do a tonne of Euro Longboard events next year, UKDH crew is growing and I feel like I need to start pushing myself further and faster than just UK hills, much as I love them.


One of the reasons for the above is the obvious decline of UK Mountainboarding comps this year.. I love Mountainboarding, always will, but this year the turnout at events has been low to say the least, half the events so far, if you turn up, you’ll probably get a podium in your category. I like a challenge and the level of Downhill Skateboarding at the moment excites me to go and compete at a higher level in the next few years. I’ll probably be at far less Mountainboard comps next year, I’ll still be riding on a weekly basis with Team DAD, as I’ll never tire of freeriding with friends.

I’m currently working on a Nightride film of Team DAD for the ATBJunkies film fest at Bugsboarding in September, the trailer’s below, let me know what you think!

Weekend just gone, I headed to Hog Hill with fellow Cheltenham Longboarder, Jack Pattern, and Matt Rendell who made the journey from Exeter to Cheltenham and then onto Romford! Now that I’m not skating to work everyday, it was nice just to skate fast for hours on end all weekend.



Saturday was a half day of just practice and I immediately fell in love with the Shorter WB of my Omen Phoenix (27.25″) as opposed to my Five Mile Widowmaker that I used to race on. Because my setup is lighter now too, I was able to push a LOT better and faster. In each of my 3 qualifying race heats on the Sunday, I was never lower than 2nd of 5 out of the starting push area. My results were 2nd, 5th (crashed), 2nd, but I would of needed 1st in the heat I crashed in, to make the final. Unfortunately I was in second, behind Super Grom Ruben Loosmore, going into the chicane when I looked over my shoulder to see Kami San almost touching me and about to take a tighter line. It may have been the wrong call, but I decided to avoid a rider on rider collision, by not cutting Kami off, and went for a very wide line that I couldn’t hold, slid out and crashed. Unhurt and continued the race to the finish, but me and my board stayed out of harms way!


A fun weekend, but now I look forward to August with 2 UKDH Longboard freerides (Tregz & Thrill Hill) and 2 Mountainboard comps coming up!

Outside of boarding recently, I find myself more anxious about lots of things recently. I’m not really sure on the cause. I’m missing a lot of people, who’ve gone off in various directions. I have far less friends in Cheltenham now, I honestly feel more at home and part of a family when I’m at a Boarding comp, which really keeps me going. Skating less is definitely having an impact, even if it was just the ride to work, I love Downhill, but even cruising before and after work ups my mood.

I’ll hold it there, I’m sure the upcoming holidays will help, I get more and more excited for Queenstown, New Zealand, in October, as each day passes. :]

Until next time, shred often, shred hard, cheers.