The Future’s Downhill

A lot has changed in the last month or so, moving house/flat, I’m now riding for Never Summer Longboards UK and in 11 days time I’m off on my biggest holiday ever, 2 weeks in the South Island of New Zealand!

My biggest news would be the ride for Never Summer Longboards UK. Tom, who runs Never Summer UK actually read this blog and saw I ride a lot of Downhill in the UK, an industry they really want to expand in. I chose to ride their only Downhill topmount, the ‘Reaper’ as it has nice wheelbase options (27-29, currently on 28.5), lots of concave and W concave 2/3rds of the way through the board, something I love for Toesides.


Tregaron Freeride was on about 10 days after receiving the free gear (non of this flow rider 10% discount malarkey) and I quickly got myself dialled to the setup, whacking on some Vicious griptape, my 40/30 174mm Ronin Pro Lites and Slide Perfect Momentums. Tregaron Freeride was honestly the most fun UKDH event I’ve been to all year, organised by Brianne Collective (Tom/Sion) and I can’t wait for next year’s closed road event already.


I managed to hit 42mph on the first straight on the Sunday and got a massive 18 runs in on the Saturday, even though I stopped riding about 90 minutes before the end! After the riding on Saturday, I’d fallen in love with my Never Summer Reaper and got lots of clean, fast runs down. Lewis Taylor filmed an awesome follow run of me on the Saturday too:

The first week of September I went to Italy for a family wedding, but I managed to kill two birds with one stone and went to skate some Downhill with the ‘FORTEZZA CREW’ of Italy, near Florence where American shredder & Loaded/Orangatang rider Micaela Wilson is studying at the moment and was also able to join us for a skate!


The two spots we hit up were pretty stunning, named ‘German’ and ‘Mini KNK’ by the locals. ‘German’ was a 3 minute rip n grip run, 11 corners, averaging 30mph, maxing out about 35-40mph, with not a single car seen in 3 runs! The first run I went down not knowing the road at all, putting trust in the other riders and taking it easy, an amazing rush that left me wanting another, faster run:

The second spot was ‘Mini KNK’, the clue’s in the name, it was similar to KNK but with only 4 sweeping hairpins, a great practice spot, it’s unsurprising how good the Italian riders were! Micaela killed it too, showing the guys how squats are done, with serious speed, distance, steeze and a unique style of Longboarding! If you’re wondering who on earth I’m talking about, just watch this:

Aside from all of that, I’m like a kid at Christmas at the moment, with just 11 days until my monster 26 hour journey to Queenstown, New Zealand, to see and shred with fellow Mountainboarder/Freeborder Lexa. The 2 week holiday is well needed (would of been longer if I had the holiday to take..) and I can’t wait to see what NZ has to offer! We’re off on a roadtrip to find and ride as many amazing Longboard & Mountainboard spots as possible, not a hard task considering what we already know is out there! :]

I’ll most likely be posting a mountain of footage upon my return and possibly make an edit on the return flight, so watch out for that.

Until then, cheers!