Chasing Change

Recently I’ve been trying to make changes to how I live my life, a lot has changed this year and made me look at the bigger picture.

I rarely, if ever, talk about work or life outside of Boarding to many people, so this might be a little insightful for some. I’m 22 now, but since I was 19 I’ve been working full time in the IT Support Industry. I’ve been very lucky with opportunities and could almost say it’s been handed to me on a plate. People often find it strange that I didn’t go to Uni, but experience is more important in my industry, in my opinion.

Not going to University has benefits, such as earning more than average for my age, meaning I can always afford to go to Longboard/Mountainboard events across the country, have a car and a flat etc. But I do sometimes feel I’ve missed out on the social aspect of early adulthood. It’s hard to make new friends outside of Skating, when I’m a lot younger than everyone I’ve worked with in the last 3 years and I don’t have any social hobbies for weekdays.

A bit negative but clearly something has to change, any sane young adult doesn’t get stuck in a rut at age 22, surely?

Probably stating the obvious, but I do skate on weekdays, though 90% of the time it’s on my own. I do still enjoy it, but as I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m a lot happier when skating with others.

I’m considering getting back into Swimming, or taking up something new, such as Yoga, to do on weekdays (suggestions welcome), that would not only help me be more social, but help my skills relating to Downhill Skating, such as Balance and Core Strength.

Weekend life has been great recently though, since getting back from NZ, I’ve been to a fast and or ‘difficult’ hill every weekend, in an effort to continually improve. The last 2 weekends being ‘Junglewank’ in Wales and ‘Impossible’ in Malvern. Both times going with new to Cheltenham, Ben Holmes, a good friend, amazing videographer and rider for Arbor UK, who moved down from Derby recently for Uni. Ben took the below photo:


This weekend it’s back to Malvern, with a bigger crew, Impossible needs taming.. only got down it twice last Saturday! At this precise moment, I knew I fucked up:


I’m most excited for Thrill Hill Winter Chaos event in 2 weeks time though. I first went to Thrill Hill back in August, for a freeride hosted by the awesome Lewis & Hermione of Skate to Escape! The hill is steep, grippy in all weather and always makes for intense skating, as my raw run from last time shows:

More riders should be in attendance and we’re all expecting hectic wet, fast and possibly snowy freeride and racing!

I’ll most blog about the Winter Chaos a few days after, in early December. Gotta love how the UKDH scene keeps events going all year round!

Until then, peace.