The Move to NZ

As some of my friends already know, I’ve decided to move to Wellington in New Zealand in early September this year, on a 1 year work visa (easily extended to 2 years).

Several factors came in to play whilst I was deciding to make this big change to my life.

Last year I visited the South Island of New Zealand for 2 weeks, to skate and see a Mountainboarding friend. I enjoyed those 2 weeks so much, mainly down to the epic Downhill Skateboarding and super friendly atmosphere of people everywhere I went.

Though Queenstown and Dunedin were awesome, Wellington was the obvious choice to go and live in, due to it having more IT job opportunities with a side portion of the biggest Downhill Skateboarding scene in NZ..

Bringing it back to what has happened to me in the UK in the past year or so, since around November last year I haven’t been too happy with my weekly routine, work isn’t bad, but living on my own, never socializing¬†and doing next to nothing 6 days a week is somewhat draining. Granted, that 1 day a week I got to go Skate some hills in Wales, with friends, is always fun, but the end of every session always left me wanting more.


For normal people, that’s enough to get through their work life. Not something I understand, but in every job I’ve been in since I started my career 3 years ago, there just seems to be workaholics everywhere that waste their lives doing fuck all and never taking any risks.

For me, I know there’s a better style of living and NZ seems like the most logical choice. Do what makes you happy and for me, that’s Downhill Skateboarding and travelling.

Although leaving my comfortable job in Cheltenham, to go to NZ with no job lined up is a bit of a risk, I’m fairly sure that 23 year olds with 3 years experience in IT Infrastructure Support stick out from the crowd. I’ve been saving money since January, to help me get settled initially, which minimizes the risk a little.

There are a few other reasons that only my close friends will ever know, but personally I can’t wait to experience the New Zealand lifestyle! Bring on September.

Almost sidetracked by this news, July is going to be pretty amazing. I’ve registered for 3 European Races/Freerides, Transylvania in Romania, IDF Lillehammer in Norway (my first World cup) followed by the renowned IDF Kozokov World Cup in Czech Republic. It’ll be my first events abroad and my first IDF World Cup racing experience, something I can’t wait to experience, that will likely change the way I skate/improve my riding.

I feel a lot more confident this year, thanks to BDSL race events (currently lie 5th) and the frequent Wales sessions with the Borderlands Crew, to spots such as Bleek, Sheepy and Junglewank.


Photo by Kai Menneken (BVR in Bristol back in May)

A lot going on to say the least!

I’ll leave you with a run from Portugal back in March, filmed by Ry-meen Swanton. Fair to say I fell in love with Cobra Core Cannibals and this stunning road..

A final note, if you are attending any of the same Euro events as me, feel free to message me, always good to go with other UKDH riders.

Until next time, cheers.